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Audio Tour 1: At the gates of the Moscow Kremlin
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Audio Tour 1: At the gates of the Moscow Kremlin

If you have only one day in Moscow, you will probably spend it here. With more time, you might spend more than one day here, exploring the churches and museums, and viewing the trappings of power.
The attractions are clustered around Red Square and within the walls of the Kremlin. It doesnt matter which of these two you take in first, but try to leave time for both. Your visit to the Moscow Kremlin should be planned around admission to the Armoury: it requires advance purchase of tickets, which specify the admission times.
Besides being a major tourist attraction, Red Square hosts concerts, festivals, parades and other official events. As a result, the place is sometimes closed to the public and it's almost always packed with people. Come early in the morning or late in the evening to catch a glimpse of the square when it is sparsely populated, vast and majestic.
Travellers with some extra time will enjoy wandering the medieval streets of Kitay Gorod, discovering ancient hidden churches and popping into shops and cafes. It is a welcome change from the hustle and bustle that characterises the Kremlin and Red Square.

The Moscow Kremlin

The apex of Russian political power and once the centre of the Orthodox Church, the Kremlin is the kernel not only of Moscow but of the whole country. It's from here autocratic tsars, communist dictators and modern-day presidents have done their best  and worst  for Russia. These red-brick walls and tent-roof towers enclose some 800 years of artistic accomplishment, religious ceremony and political power.
The Kutafya Tower, which forms the main visitors entrance today, stands apart from the Kremlins west wall, at the end of a ramp over the Alexander Garden. The ramp was once a bridge over the Neglinnaya River and used to be part of the Kremlins defences; this river has been diverted underground, beneath the Alexander Garden, since the early 19th century. The Kutafya Tower is the last of a number of outer bridge towers that once stood on this side of the Kremlin.
From the Kutafya Tower, walk up the ramp and pass through the Kremlin walls beneath the 1495 Trinity Gate Tower At 80m it's the tallest of the Kremlins towers. Right below your feet were the cells for prisoners in the 16th century.


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